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Sweeping and permanent social change can only be achieved by common effort. United Way Hungary offers opportunities for companies, which endeavor to promote positive social change. We work together to solve important social problems.

We don’t just offer programs. We are a not-for-profit organization that brings together all key stakeholders – NGOs, businesses, service providers and government – to take a entire-system approach to disadvantaged communities through collaboration, innovation, and evidence.

As a global organization with a local impact we

  • have access to worldwide best practices, knowledge and ideas,
  • can deliver integrated cross-border community programs,
  • focus on local community credentials and partnerships,
  • are results-driven and measure our programs’ outcomes.

What does this mean for you?

We can

  • help you define and achieve your CSR objectives,
  • support you in rolling out a structured, engaging community program,
  • help you increase employee engagement,
  • support you in skills development for your employees through volunteering,
  • offer opportunities for you to network and collaborate.
Did you know?United Way Hungary is the only NGO in Hungary with the knowledge and expertise to organize workplace giving campaigns for your employees.

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Other Services:

  • Volunteer Training
  • Managing support tenders
  • Handling and monitoring of donations of specific use

If you wish to know more about our company services, please feel free to contact our CEO, Kincső Adriány:

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