LifeChanger – Financial literacy program for children

Since 2014 helping the future generation has been in the center of United Way Hungary’s programs. Our primary concern is to ensure that children and young people – especially those from a disadvantaged background – get a real chance to live a fulfilling life by unfolding their talents and realizing their dreams. Laying the foundations for their future financial stability and well-being is a prerequisite for that.  

 Our financial education program initiated and launched in strategic partnership with MetLife Foundation in 2016, receiving volunteer help from hundreds of MetLife employees, focuses on enhancing  financial literacy and money management skills of elementary school children aged 9-11. 

The one-day LifeChanger programs put students in “real life” situations, challenging them to manage family finances by making mature, responsible decisions in the family’s best interests – all this in a playful manner and environment. When facing questions about charitable giving and donations, or taking decisions on causes to support, they get acquainted with the notion of active citizenship, in addition to putting themselves in their parents’ shoes. The highly popular central figure of the program is a piggy bank with four compartments which inspires children to explore the meaning of the words “income”, “spending”, “saving” and “charity”, among other things.