Inclusive education


International research shows that modern societies are founded on solidarity, diversity and interdependence. It has also been shown that the level of social cooperation in Hungary is significantly low compared to other European countries.

Several professional studies have proven that the inclusive education of young people should be started at a very early age. If disabled, disadvantaged or minority children grow up together with their peers who have normal circumstances, that has a positive, stimulating effect on each child. In the long term, it even strengthens social cohesion.

This is the reason why United Way Hungary supports several educational programs and initiatives that give people living with disabilities or lagging behind due to other reasons better chances to catch up and have equal chances in life.

Meet some of our beneficiaries and learn how a little more help can change lives and make our society stronger by advancing social cohesion. Meet Endre, the ambitious high-school student born with a rare eye-disorder,  Szederfa Home, a truly caring community in which mentally impaired young people live their lives to the full or the ‘Wonderschool’ in Hejőkeresztúr providing academic success for all students in its heterogeneous classrooms.


How can you help?

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