Child safety


In Hungary most children aged 7-14 lose their lives as a result of an accident that could have been prevented. Fortunately the majority of accidents are non-fatal, but in many cases there are consequences that accompany these children in their lifetime and put serious psychological and financial burden on the families, and to the whole society through the social security system.

In order the prevent these events our foundation joined the 10 Years Plan of the National Institute of Child Health in 2010. The ultimate goal is to reduce the number of child deaths in Hungary due to preventable accidents by 30 % by 2020, and to help our children become healthy adults without allowing their dreams to be ruined by an unfortunate event that could have been prevented by a little bit of care.

United Way BiztiBusz Program


What do we do about this?

Our foundation launched its own program in 2010 called the BiztiBusz, or Safety Bus, which draws on volunteer teachers to take the program to schools. The program is based on drama methods, transferring skills and knowledge in a fun and entertaining way so that they can live their daily lives in a consciously safe way.

We ensure that educational institutions can participate at no cost, and receive:

  • the educational materials for teachers, developed by us, and
  • a one-day teacher training course for 2 teachers per school. The training program carries 8 credits.

Our Results

Thanks to the major donor of the program, Generali a Biztonságért Alapítvány, by the beginning of 2018 we have trained 693 volunteer teachers in 279 elementary schools, creating the opportunity for more than 81,000 children to get involved in this program to have better chances to live their lives in a consciously safe way and pursue their career dreams.

Measuring Results

With the help of experts, we have developed a measuring tool for the effectiveness of the Safety Bus program that shows the extent to which students who have participated in the program become more careful and aware of their surroundings. Our team of volunteer experts include sociologists, educational social workers, and university professors from teacher colleges.

According to these measurements students are on average 20% more careful and aware following participation in the program.

In order to achieve long-term change, solidarity and your help are required.

How can you help?

If you’d like to help as a private individual or through your company, then you can find more information about how to help our work toward child safety and education under the Take Action Menu item. LIVE UNITED.