Read to Succeed

Comprehensive reading is the fundamental criteria of communication, further education and future orientation in society. Age 9 is a turning point in children’s lives, as this is the age by when interpretative and analyst reading should be acquired. Otherwise children will not see the essence or the context of their readings, they will mug to learn and they will fail to succeed in life.

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According to PISA surveys (Program for International Student Assessment) 1 in 5 children in Hungary is „functional illiterate”, meaning they do not understand what they read or struggle with reading difficulties, that will have a lasting effect on their lives and will be a barrier to realize their dreams. Children, who do not learn to read in time, most probably will stop their elementary or highs school studies before final exams, what will definitely have a long lasting effect on their lives and will limit their employability as well.


Our literacy initiatives would be useless without providing children with books of their interest, therefore as the first step of our “Page Turner” Program introduced in 2014, we were collecting gently used children books, that were delivered to the applying schools and civil organisations by our volunteers.  Since 2014, more than 10 000 books have been donated to children in need and almost 50 schools have been able to start their own after school programs to develop reading skills. With these books, institutions can execute their own events and programs related to reading.

Furthermore an innovative, child-centered educational methodology has been developed and become part of the ”Page Turner” program in May 2018. This experimental methodology developed by Vadvirág Foundation enables teachers to recognize reading difficulties in time and act, where needed. The new learning environment that is filled with toys, games and movement activities changes students’ motivation. Learning becomes more interesting to them while they are playing, which helps them to become comprehensive readers. The methodology training is based on knowledge transfer between teachers, therefore amplifying the efficiency of the program, which aims to give a real chance to children in need to catch up.

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