Partnerships For The Future Generation

Our partner, the Vadvirág Foundation has just launched a program at Kodály Zoltán Primary School in Kaposvár, to improve reading and comprehension skills of young, mostly disadvantaged children in the Somogy county.

Our shared aim with Vadvirág is to help disadvantaged children struggling with reading and comprehension to become better readers by diagnosing their reading problems in time and involving them in a complex development plan enabling these children to catch up to their peers and have equal chances to succeed at school.
There will be 24 children participating in the program for free in this school year and we will also train 60 primary school teachers nationwide so that they can learn new, innovative, children-centered pedagogical methodologies  to teach reading skills in their local communities. This program is part of United Way KönyvForgató initiative.

The other winner of our „Together For The Future Generation” tender was a special program targeting high school students. Together with the Eötvös József Szabadelvű Pedagógiai Társaság we develop an interactive e-Learning platform which will give free access for students to gain a better understanding of economics, marketing and finances, which will support them in choosing their future career path, whether taking part in advanced studies or deciding to start working right after finishing secondary school. The e-Learning platform will be launched in Spring, 2018.