United Way Pro Futura Philanthropic Circle


United Way Pro Futura Philanthropic Circle is a major giving program. Its dedicated members have the power to inspire and influence others, creating a better future for Hungarian children and youth. Members believe in future generations and share United Way Hungary’s commitment to helping children and youth achieve their full potential.

It is our belief that every child and young person, regardless of social, cultural, religious background or physical ability, must be granted the opportunity to acquire skills and capabilities that can help them become self-sustaining, responsible adults and enable them to overcome the challenges of the 21st century.

United Way Pro Futura Philanthropic Circle members

  • can establish a direct relationship with UWH beneficiaries, enabling them to gain a better understanding of how they live and what challenges they face,
  • acquire hands-on experience and are personally involved in the implementation of specific programs,
  • receive regular updates on how their contribution has been invested,
  • enjoy unique opportunities to connect with top philanthropists and community leaders, locally as well as internationally,
  • receive invitations to United Way international conferences,
  • receive invitations to special events organized by the Chair of the Board of United Way Hungary,
  • receive recognition in United Way Hungary’s annual report & key print and online publications.

Members of United Way Pro Futura Philanthropic Circle: János Babos, Daniel J. Poisson, Judit Bencsik & János Horváth, Michael Carlson, Margaret Dezse, Ibolya Gothárdi, István Szabó, István Katona, Robert Line, David LeClaire, Zoltán Gábor & Melinda Katona, István Ivaskó, Nándor János Varga, Mo Ortiz.

Membership Levels

HUF 3.000.000
HUF 1.000.000
HUF 500.000

Join us now by becoming a United Way Pro Futura Philanthropic Circle Member and taking part in building a better future for children!

For more information about United Way Pro Futura Philanthropic Circle, please contact Kincső Adriány at kincso.adriany@unitedway.hu

Thank you!