NGO partners


Our foundation has been present nearly for 20 years in Hungary, and the development of civil society has always been an important part of our mission. Since our establishment more than 110 NGOs have been supported in the field of education, health and financial security. Among others, the following organizations:

  • The Hungarian Red Cross
  • Bátor Tábor Foundation
  • Hourse therapy Center, Fót
  • Kids’ world Bed theatre Foundation
  • Association of Mentally Handicapped, Iklad
  • “Dr. Ráró” With Horses for Children Foundation
  • Mental Health Association
  • Aunt Kalán’s Restgarden,Forest School Foundation for Autism
  • Pressley Ridge Hungary Foundation
  • Józsefvárosi Community Centers Nonprofit Kft. Szervezet
How can you help?

We believe that major and permanent social change can only be achieved by mutual collaboration, therefore to realize this vision we need help in all cases. Learn more about our mission, our activities and if you feel that you’d like to help us, please visit the Take action menu where you can find a variety of options to work with us for the community. LIVE UNITED