OtthON Program

 “OtthON” project aims to provide cost-free use of a home computer for all elementary and high school students. A team of enthusiastic civilians from relevant fields with extensive experience work together with United Way Hungary to find a solution to the present situation caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

Educational institutions had to close their doors due to the present threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing the students to keep up with their studies remotely from home. This has created a new challenge to every family: working parents and school children need to coordinate their daytime computer use, however this is often not possible. In most cases, they do not have enough computers or even proper internet connection to work and study at home.

Via the campaign we provide used but refurbished desktop configurations for home learning and a stable internet connection with adequate bandwidth for learning to schools and other educational institutions that can lend these tools to their students free-of-charge for the duration of their studies at home.

The program does not only provide a solution to the current situation. All equipment will remain at the schools after the epidemic and will remain their property. This way the computers will continue to support in-school education and will be available to school students in the event of any future situation.

You can help our mission: 

  • bank transfer to our account: 10102244-06753300-01003000 (please put “otthON” in the comment section )
  • via credit/debitcard by clicking here  (please put “otthON” in the comment section )

We also appreciate in-kind donations, please click here.  Tárgyi felajánlásokat is szívesen fogadunk, ez esetben ide kattints!