Innomate- A Unique Curriculum for High-School Students

United Way Hungary is saving Hungarian children’s future by increasing their chances at gainful employment.


Research after research shows us that the majority of young people in Hungary lack even the most basic skills and competences required for a successful landing on the job market. The problem is graver than one might first think. Poor problem-solving, social interaction and networking skills all jeopardize the employability prospects of Hungarian youth. The problem rooted in the shortcomings of the prevalent education system is further aggravated by little or no experience in innovation, entrepreneurship, efficient communication techniques, financial literacy and accountability. This, in turn, results in crippled creativity, low self-esteem as well as a reluctance to initiate, experiment and implement – i.e., all the ingredients for a recipe of poor performance and meek employment chances.
A staggering number of high-school and college graduates in Hungary have trouble finding gainful employment. While 68% of young Hungarians say they would consider launching a business of their own, the actual numbers indicate that nearly 50% shy away from embarking on the journey.


United Way Hungary is saving Hungarian children’s future by increasing their chances at gainful employment. We do so by improving 21st-century, state-of-the-art skills and competences needed for realizing dreams and living a life fulfilled. At United Way Hungary, we believe that a successful society is made up of successful individuals, which is why we pledge to implement a program titled InnoMate addressing the entrepreneurship education challenge, thus boosting the employability of Hungarian youth.


In collaboration with a diverse team of education and start-up experts, UWH has developed a unique curriculum preparing youth for success upon leaving school, whether as employees or entrepreneurs. The primary goal is to equip young people with the skills outlined in the European Commission’s EntreComp 2016 competence framework. The curriculum, unprecedented in Hungary, takes an experiential learning approach and applies progressive education methodologies such as Design Thinking and drama pedagogy. In addition to enhancing essential skills like creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration, paving the way for community building, business ethics and social responsibility is also a key objective of the program.



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