Lifechanger is back!

Our successful financial literacy program and experience day got a new twist, and it is now available as a board game.

The prototype is being tested this spring in 3 schools where kids with the help of Metlife volunteers can experience learning and fun.

In this game lifelike situations are demonstrated, and serious financial decisions are made.  Team members discuss their decisions thereby get on in life better be able to manage their finances with a safe hand. Charity plays an important role in the game as teams can only achieve their desired goals together. Just like in real life.

You cannot predict the turn of luck, but you can continuously improve financial culture and develop kids’ financial management skills, so we are all winners at the end.

We are happy to work with the following schools this spring:

Móricz Zsigmond Általános Iskola (Dunaújváros)

Hetvehelyi Általános Iskola (Hetvehely)

Molnár Ferenc Magyar–Angol Két Tanítási Nyelvű Általános Iskola (Budapest)


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