United to help- Be Our Advocate

The world has turned upside down in the last couple of weeks. People are joining forces to help those on the frontlines. We, as an organization, are concerned about the disadvantaged children we support and will continue to help them to reach their full potential.

A Needs Assessment Survey was conducted among the members of our Professional Community of Educators and the results were shocking: one of our volunteer teachers has absolutely no connection with 9 out of her 21 2nd graders due to lack of technical devices (not even a mobile phone), while they are most likely out of learning tools (pencil, paper, etc.) as well. Another story was received about a student who has lost connection with his teacher for more than three weeks. He shares a home of 24 square meters with 6 other people with no basics, like tap water or internet connection. There are many more heart-breaking stories.

We need to unite, and we need you! How can you help?

Sanitary products and Toiletries

Our goal is to provide 1000 families with packages of essential products worth 5000 HUF.


School Supplies

Our goal is to provide 2000 students with school supply packages worth 1000 HUF.


IT equipment for digital schooling

Our goal is to provide 100 laptops, 200 tablets and 300 mobile phones to teachers and students who are missing out on digital education at the moment.


In case of in kind donations please contact our colleague via email: info@unitedway.hu

Our goal is to meet real needs and to reach out to help the children with multiple disadvantages catch up and protect their health via our Professional Community of Educators and our partner NGOs.

What is most needed?

According to our survey, there is a burning shortage of disinfectants and cleaning products. Laptops/tablets for teaching young students in underdeveloped areas, as well as educational materials for basic competency development are not available to children living in deep poverty in small villages. Educators who support the most vulnerable do heroic work every day as they fight like invisible heroes for the most underprivileged.

Take Action! You can help