United for Ukraine

The United Way Hungary considers it of the utmost importance to the humanitarian disaster caused by the Ukraine conflict.

To help all those who left Ukraine to seek refuge in our country after fleeing the war, United Way Hungary has set up an emergency fund.

The purpose of this fund is to raise funds and provide quick and effective assistance to meet the basic needs of adults and children fleeing Ukraine to Hungary.

You can help immediately by clicking this button. Please, put “Ukraine” in the comment section.


What do we do?

In the “United for Ukraine” program we provide financial and professional support to nearly 30 NGOs for projects that improve the well-being of refugee families, children and young people, and keep easing their situation in mind.

  • The program will cover the whole territory of Hungary, reaching big cities as well as small towns and villages.
  • In addition to financial and professional support, there is regular cooperation with the 30 NGOs supported.
  • We are helping the current situation of hundreds of families and children through value-added initiatives.

What kind of projects do we support?

  • Access to and participation in education for refugee children and young people.
  • Initiatives for the self-sustainment of refugees.
  • Access to adequate healthcare and disease prevention activities.

Read more about the tender winners here.

United Way Hungary is therefore committed to helping those in need. We believe that everyone has the right to basic needs, education, a healthy life and financial stability. We also believe that by mobilizing the caring power of communities, we can improve the lives of those in need.

95% of your individual donation will provide direct relief to those impacted by this growing humanitarian crisis.

How can you help?

We encourage everyone who wants to help in this situation to contribute to this fund through sponsorships or individual donations.

Join our fundraiser and invite your friends, colleagues and family to join it.

don’t forget! we are, once again united to help



Our account number:   10102244-06753300-01003000

Name:  United Way Magyarország

Subject/Notice: Ukrajna

Information needed for bank transfers from abroad:

IBAN: HU37 10102244-06753300-01003000


Seat/Address: 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 11.

Bank name: Budapest Bank Zrt.

Bank address: H-1138 Budapest, Váci út 193.