United to Help- Be Our Advocate!

For almost 30 years, the team of United Way Hungary has been helping children develop their skills and expand their knowledge. We have been working to ensure that all children have an equal chance to face the challenges of the 21st century.

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has been a major challenge for many children, their families, and teachers, which made our work particularly needed this year.  As Covid-19 pandemic is not loosening its grip, we are committed to continue with the work.


We have focused on covering basic needs as an immediate support for local communities. School supplies, cleaning products and toiletries were delivered to more than 1,000 vulnerable families affected the most by the pandemic and 1,000 masks were distributed to protect the health of those living in orphanages.

Due to the closure of schools and the introduction of the digital education, teachers, students, and parents were suddenly facing a difficult situation. To support them, 245 digital devices were delivered to schools helping students and educators in their studies at home. 400 skill-building board games have been distributed to children to make learning to read a real pleasure even at home and the dream of 1,000 children has become true with our colourful and useful school-starting packages.

Protecting the mental health of educators is also critical, as they are one of the most important role models for children and the main supporters of parents. So, it is essential that they remain spiritually strong even in these unprecedented times. Our free booklet of classroom practices reached more than 1,000 educators. Nearly 300 teachers participated in our webinar series which aimed to help them strengthen school communities in September and expand their digital skills. Teachers, NGOS and philanthropic companies were invited to an online conference discussing digital equality and opportunities to connect.

We have worked closely with NGOs to make their mission even more effective during the COVID19 epidemic. 5 special summer camps were supported that helped children in the recovery after spring lockdown and catching up with studies. Several workshops were also organized for our strategic civil community of 25 NGOs.


As Covid-19 pandemic is not loosening its grip, we are committed to continue with the work.

 Start today the future where we can give every child a chance!

 Be our advocate – we will only achieve our goals if we are united.