#United to Help- Burattino School and Children’s Home

Thanks to our kind donors computers, kitchenware and even a washing machine arrived to surprise the residents of Burattino.

The Burattino Association maintains a school and two children’s homes in the 21st district of Budapest. Providing daily compassionate care, the Association ensures that heavily disadvantaged and talented students can spend their days safely in a familiar environment.  They highly value creating potential, strongly believe in the chance of overcoming disadvantages and that everyone is gifted in something.

With the kind support of our donors, a new semi-industrial washing machine has arrived at the children’s home in Szőlős Street. “This is a huge help for us. We have never had such machine before, we could not afford it. Regular washing machines never lasted long, unfortunately, they failed after a short period of time or often had to get serviced.” – we learned from István Keszthelyi, President of the Burattino Association.

Participating in the digital education is essential for the students but sadly, still not everyone had their own devices yet, therefore the surprise arrival of 5 laptops made them burst out of joy! Elementary school students at Palma street Children’s home took over the computers, Réka was incredibly happy about it as well, using it daily and even shared a secret with us: ‘Since I received this laptop, I use it for school every day and sometimes I play games on it too, but that is a secret…”

For reducing costs and protecting children’s health, all three buildings have their own kitchens. Canteen utensils, plates and mugs are consumables just as in every household. Thanks to our donors, the stock got replenished and refreshed.

Special thanks to our generous donors: