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All shall be comprehensive readers!

1 in 5 children in Hungary struggles with reading difficulties. These problems lead to turn away from studying or may cause leaving school earlier. According to statistics, early school leavers become unemployed with much greater frequency that could lead to impoverishment or being excluded from society. With our Literacy program we fight for children to become comprehensive readers and to give underprivileged children the chance to be successful in life.

Erőforrás Alapítvány United Way Hungary Tax registration number: 18093951-1-42

The season of personal income tax declaration is here again. The deadline for all private individuals to prepare their income tax return is May 22nd. This also means, that You have to make a statement about 1% of your tax to dedicate it to a civil organization. United Way Hungary is among those non-profit organizations that are eligible to receive the 1% of taxpayers’ personal income tax. This income is very important for us as we will utilize this to develop Comprehensive Reading. through our experience base pedagogy training programs for teachers.

If you prepare your tax return online on eSZJA portal, just make a declaration by filling in the online form indicating our tax registration number (18093951-1-42). For the paper based tax return please download and fill in our 1% declaration form. Download declaration

With our Literacy Program introduced in 2014, we are collecting gently used children books, that are delivered to the applying schools and civil organizations by our volunteers. Since 2014, more than 10 000 books have been donated to children in need and almost 50 schools have been able to start their own after school programs to develop reading skills. From the beginning of 2018 Literacy is added with an innovative and child-centered experimental educational methodology, which enables teachers to recognize reading difficulties in time and start development. The methodology training is based on knowledge transfer between teachers, therefore amplifying the efficiency of the program. More

Did You know? Dedicating the 1% of your personal tax to a civil organization had become possible in Hungary with the help of Dick Aft, a strategic volunteer of United Way!

Some more fact, why is it worth to support us:


  • We are transparent, our financial reports are prepared by independent auditing companies.
  • Your donation will be utilized only in Hungary.
  • We are present nationwide. Check our program map
  • Beside education we are there to develop health and financial stability.
  • We aim for the cross-sector partnership.

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