Csillagház, the house of miracles

Thanks to the donations of General Electric and Corning employees, we support Csillagház Foundation, which provides professional help in education and care for children with multiple disabilities in school and beyond.

As part of their methods, they conduct therapeutic sessions to enrich children emotionally and socially and also to increase their autonomy and self-sufficiency.

How can Álom and Fülöp Help? 

Injuries that cause accumulated disability usually affect not only the areas of the central nervous system responsible for movement, but also the ability of speech and other cognitive functions, which limit the uptake of new information. The effectiveness of education has significantly increased by the assisting of dogs in the teaching classes, thanks to the Kutyával az Emberért Foundation, which has been working with the institution for many years.

The children are delighted to participate in the sessions, they are happy to meet the puppies. With the help of therapeutic dogs, children’s interest increases, their communication is expanded, their emotions are expressed more strongly (laughter, cheerfulness); their learning is more efficient for everyday situations (e.g. shopping, transport).

Experiences in Summer Camps

In the 2018-19 academic year three classes participated in the open-air school, which, due to their severe disability, not only gave them  lifelong memories, but also gave them the opportunity to gain direct experience.
The most joyful moments were playing and learning with healthy children – the couple days together had a great affect on group cohesion, socialization and integration. The summer camp also included a special horse-riding program.


Cultural Programmes

In the traditional talent show students can present their skills and get to know each other better through their performances. Experiencing the successful achievement, appearing in front of parents and other guests helps them develop their self-image and self-confidence. In 2019, the Community House of Békásmegyer hosted this event.

On “oldshool” children’s day, Csillagház organized several entertaining programs for the children, later an alumni meeting was arranged, and the end-of-year graduation was also supported by the Foundation.

In addition to the various camps and cultural programmes, staff engaged  the children in various special training courses and also was able to purchase some special tools for daily development.