Happy 30th birthday, United Way Hungary!

More than 6.6 million HUF were collected throughout the annual gala event that helps disadvantaged children in Hungary closer to their goals.

We thank to all the attendees and our generous supporters who contributed to the worthy celebration of the 30th birthday of the United Way Hungary.

On our fundraising gala night, we first recognized the work of our most prominent patrons, volunteers, donors and partners and together recalled some of the defining moments of the last three decades.   Gábor Rényi was at the top of our awardees, because without him our Foundation is unthinkable. He’s the one who’s been our most dedicated supporter, board member, donor and friend for 30 years.

We have also awarded three individuals who set outstanding examples not only in business, but also in philanthropy. So far, the three have supported United Way Hungary’s goals with a total of more than 100 million HUF. János Babos has been a member of the Board of Trustees for more than 10 years and chairman of the ethics committee. We can count on him at any time, under any circumstances, even in the most difficult times. Daniel Poisson has been our curator for 12 years, chairman of the fundraising committee, the biggest supporter of our galas and our tireless showman.  János Horváth has been our curator since 2019 and a committed leader of the Pro Futura Philantropic Circle. He is the one who has fought particularly hard in recent years for the sustainability, stability and safe operations of the Foundation.

The Foundation’s work is supported by a number of people who offer their expertise and free time to make United Way Hungary a transparent and professional organization in every way. Of course, the entire Board of Trustees and other teams play an important role in this, but Anita Kurucz stands out among them with her diligence, activity and perseverance. Since 2017, she has been a member of the Board of Trustees and a permanent participant in all board meetings and strategic workshops, as well as a member of the finance and impact committees.

A few outstanding people, with their special expertise or endless enthusiasm, push us through a difficult time, or a barrier. They’re our guardian angels.  Csaba Strelli has been our volunteer for many years, and we turn to him with all our IT problems, which became extremely useful at the introduction of home office over the past 1.5 years.  Patrik Cseh could have been awarded even the most versatile volunteer award, as he is not only available to us as a GDPR expert every day, but we can also contact him at any time on legal, IT and organizational development issues. For more than 10 years, Angéla Kovács-Agócs has been an active member of almost all of our major events, from children’s day community programs to annual galas. We were delighted that she joined us again this year and helped us with endless energy.

We give corporate employees as many opportunities as possible to help children and young people develop by sharing their knowledge and experiences as volunteers. Péter Ambrus of Lenovo Technologies is particularly active in this role and is committed to helping young people choose their careers.

Our work would hardly be achieved without our voluntary teaching community, who, with their commitment, openness and expert attention, ensure that our programs achieve their goals.  Rózsa Nagy is a teacher of St. John’s Catholic Primary School. It is largely thanks to her efforts that all the programs of United Way Hungary run in this school. She is the biggest activist of our school programs, she takes every opportunity to develop and learn, and she encourages her colleagues to do the same.

We have also recognised our partners, without whose support our social goals would remain dreams. The Generali Foundation for Safety has supported Biztibusz program for 10 years and has been the main sponsor of our Innomate program since 2021.  Since 2017,  MetLife Fundation has been supporting our LifeChanger program financially and with volunteers. Lenovo Foundation has supported InnoMate from the beginning, both financially and with volunteers.

The Civil Partner of the Year is StartITUp Győr Association, which is not only the engine of the Hachathons of our InnoMate program, but also a major player in Győr’s start-up world.

Young people starting their careers are particularly challenged in disadvantaged areas of the country. This year, however, we joined forces with a company dedicated to supporting the preparation of young people starting their careers in the labour market in 5 communities over 3 years, based on a unique model.  This year’s most promising cooperation award was presented to Progress Restaurant Network Ltd., which operates Hungarian McDonald’s,

United Way Hungary’s day-to-day activities have been supported by several pro-bono partners for many years, as a secure financial and legal background and a sufficient infrastructure are essential for our support work.  Process Solutions Ltd. in addition to our accounting, also provides financial and accounting services to us. Celanese Hungary Ltd. provides us with office infrastructure and the employees of Dentons Réczicza Law Firm have been providing legal services to us for more than 10 years.

Of course, there was fun and pleasure in the evening, which was ensured by the goofy photos by Budapest Headshot and the ingenious drawings of Grafacity Visual Services. The party atmosphere was covered by the Vegas Show Band.  We would like to thank DunaPro for the fantastic cocktails and all our other supporters for their contribution to the event.

You can view the photos of the event by clicking here.

Thank you for your support: