Dick Aft, Adriány Kincső és Gábor Zoltán
Dick Aft, Adriány Kincső és Gábor Zoltán

Your 1% Can Change Lives

Living and working in Hungary, we take for granted that we can designate 1% of our income tax to support non-profit organizations. Did you know that the idea of Hungary’s 1% Law originated from Richard N. Aft, a life-time advocate of United Way?

More than 25 years have passed since Richard arrived to Hungary and he established the first Hungarian United Way office. He also took the initiative and coached Hungarian government officials to adopt a formula similar to what was used in the United States to encourage individual charitable giving. This led to the implementation of the 1% Law in the tax code in 1996. To this day the 1% Law remains extremely important for the sustainability and development of the Hungarian civil society. We are proud to have made such a significant contribution to the development of the civic sector in Hungary.

1% of your income tax is important to us. It enables us to make a greater impact in Hungary. If you haven’t already chosen an NGO to which you will designate your 1%, please consider donating to us.

We are transparent, please be assured that your 1% will be invested in accordance with United Way’s rigorous International Global Standards.

Your donation will support programs and initiatives in Hungary that help children and youth gain equal chances to obtain the skills and competencies needed to meet the challenges of life in the 21st century and become responsible adults. You can read some of our stories and learn more on what kinds of causes you can support.

Great things happen when we LIVE UNITED.