The Chainsmokers for the reading literacy!

Drew and Alex are looking for VIP guests at Balaton Sound Festival!

It is well-known that studying and reading means a lot to The Chainsmokers, who are also very charitable. The activity of the United Way – the largest civil organization of the world – is well known to them, as they have supported its’ causes in America.  But, this is the first time that they will donate outside the U.S.A., luckily in Hungary. Our foundation works with children, who need support and development in understanding and enjoying what they read. That is why Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall – the American Music Awards and Grammy Awards winning musicians offer a unique VIP Meet & Greet to the winners of our sweepstakes.

The only requirement to enter the contest is to buy an individually numbered, limited edition, “read it” charity festival T-Shirt at SZIGETSTORE.COM. The buyers of these T-shirts are donating to our “KönyvForgató” program, that develops reading literacy with experience based methodology for teachers. Plus, the T-shirt buyers are automatically given a chance to win a unique VIP Meet & Greet with the band after their show on July 5th.

The lucky winners will be provided with VIP transport from their homes in Hungary, the entrance tickets to the Balaton Sound Festival and food and drink at the show. They will also earn a big thank you from the Balaton Sound Festival for helping to improve reading among school children in Hungary.

The drawing will be performed by Cause Art Platform, the designer and organizer of the project, and the winner will be announced on June 27th!

Click here to see The Chainsmokers telling about the story!

The charity campaign was accomplished by Kriszta Bombera and Gabi Bondor, the owners of Cause Art Platform, who chased the boys until they could tell them that 1 out of 5 children in Hungary struggle with reading difficulties; and that these problems often cause the children to give up studying and may lead them to drop out of school. Reading difficulties can block children from having the chance at a successful life.

The campaign is advanced by the Balaton Sound Festival and supported by influential Hungarians like Epres Panni, Iszak Eszti, Jaksity Kata, Ducsai Ábel, Juhász Anna, Magyarósi Csaba, Székely Martin, Ugron Zsolna, and Zséda