23 teachers attended the first experimental methodology training of our „KönyvForgató” Program

Our „KönyvForgató” Program arrived at a milestone!

23 teachers of 12 primary schools attended our first methodology training to improve reading skills and comprehension of children on May 5-6, 2018. They enjoyed a lot the innovative, child-centred and playful training program – which was developed on the base of the „Tanulás Könnyítő Program” of  Vadvirág Foundation.

Beside the theoretical curriculum, i.e. the latest results of the researches of the area, teachers also could try out the funny reading lessons in a friendly environment, which was filled with toys, games and sporting equipment.

But, let them talk about it!

The „Step on the Letter” was the most popular game, that is perfect for children to discover the letter-and-voice relationship, and it also can improve team spirit.

At the end of the second day, our teachers were equipped with a ready-to-use methodology, an educational set of accessories and also with enthusiasm and motivation.  They are ready now to hold those special reading lessons to children, helping them to enjoy reading and to become comprehensive readers.