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Comprehensive reading is an essential condition for further education, communication and even orientation in society. Please support our program with 1% of your tax.

The age of 9 is the turning point in the student’s life, because if they do not acquire the ability to read interpretively and analytically, they find it more difficult to understand the context, do not see the point, they are forced to study, and their knowledge won’t be permanent.
According to PISA surveys (Program for International Student Assessment) 1 in 5 children in Hungary is „functional illiterate”, meaning they do not understand what they read or struggle with reading difficulties, that will have a lasting effect on their lives and will be a barrier to realize their dreams. Children, who do not learn to read in time, most probably will stop their elementary or highs school studies before final exams, what will definitely have a long-lasting effect on their lives and will limit their employability as well.

We have launched our Read to Succeed Program in cooperation with Vadvirág Foundation for savvy reading. This helps Teachers to recognize children’s reading difficulties in a timely manner and to make the courses of learning to read in a good way enjoyable through the special, innovative and child-centric experience pedagogical methodology we have developed. The Teachers involved share their experience and gained knowledge to their colleagues, multiplying the effectiveness of the program and giving children in need real help and a chance to catch up, not to fall behind their peers. Today, more than 1,500 children participated in our program, located in more than 30 schools, with nearly 100 volunteer Teachers help.
Please support our program with 1% of your tax. All help, even small ones, counts!
Thank you for your contribution to building a brighter future!

Name: United Way Magyarország
Tax number: 18093951-1-42