United Way Hungary

To help all those who left Ukraine to seek refuge in our country after fleeing the war, United Way Hungary has set up an emergency fund.
We are looking for a Community Impact Coordinator

The primary role is to support planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of programs implemented in collaboration with NGO partners and to actively participate in UWH’s civil society development efforts.

Együtt Ukrajnáért- Pályázati felhívás

Várjuk olyan civil kezdeményezések jelentkezését, amelyek az Ukrajna háborús területeiről menekülőket támogatják!

Support our Child Literacy Program

For as little as the price of a book now you can help children overcome their difficulties.

Hogyan segítsünk jól?

A United Way és a Sulinyugi “Nyugi First Aid” akciója az ukrán menekülteket támogató önkéntesekért és a gyerekekért.

1%- Tax number: 18093951-1-42

Comprehensive reading is an essential condition for further education, communication and even orientation in society. Please support our program with 1% of your tax.

Happy 30th birthday, United Way Hungary!

More than 6.6 million HUF were collected throughout the annual gala event that helps disadvantaged children in Hungary closer to their goals.