Csillagház, the house of miracles

Thanks to the donations of General Electric and Corning employees, we support Csillagház Foundation, which provides professional help in education and care for children with multiple disabilities in school and beyond.

COVID 19- United to Help

We have developed our Covid19 Emergency – United to help campaign to reach out to marginalised, disadvantaged children. All donations and support we have received so far are highly appreciated.

Series of Webinars for Teachers

Digital education during Covid-19 emergency brought a lot of questions and imposed huge responsibility on teachers.  As a help in need we launched our interactive online pedagogical workshop for our national Teacher Professional Community.

OtthON Program

 “OtthON” project aims to provide cost-free use of a home computer for all elementary and high school students. A team of enthusiastic civilians from relevant fields with extensive experience work together with United Way Hungary to find a solution to the present situation caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

Did you know?

Did you know? The United Way has always played a major role in the development of civil society. It was a United Way initiative that made donating 1% of personal income tax to charitable organizations possible in Hungary. This has been a key way for registered civil organizations to gain financial resources ever since.

1%- Tax number: 18093951-1-42

Comprehensive reading is an essential condition for further education, communication and even orientation in society. Please support our program with 1% of your tax.